• Voted Best Bar in Macon!!!
  • chelsea piano bird
  • Voted Best Bar in Macon!!!

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Monster Month – Chalk Tower with Craig Hamilton.

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Tuesday 3-4-1′s start in ONE HOUR!!

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$6 Captain Morgan Warm Butter Rum Spiced Cider!
So delicious!!

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3 for 1 Tuesdays begin again tonight at @HBMacon
CRAFT BEER NIGHT at the Bird. $2 Pints until its gone- @JailhouseBrews 4D IPA, Saison, Rogue and Macon Progress. Spread the word @jondyeart
What channel can you see Mercer football this year? @MercerBears @MakeItWorkMolly
An evening with BJ Barham of @USAquarium tonight at the Hummingbird. No cover. @MakeItWorkMolly @maconarts @Theblueindian
Balloon pop karaoke tonight at the 'Bird!
Two great bands this weekend! Plus @MoonlightMiles1 on Saturday night! pic.twitter.com/OIWud8mkxg
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